A little inspiration

I have always really loved quotes and for years whenever I see a good one, I write it down. I have a notebook filled with inspirational quotes on every subject imaginable, I have quote books, and I also have quotes written down on my phone by the dozens. To me quotes are very special because they express exactly how you’re feeling and say exactly what you want to say, but in the most perfect way possible. You may not have the words, but someone else before you did.

I decided to put together this gallery of some of my favorite inspirational quotes, and as a background I saw it fitting to put different pictures of the sky. The sky represents no limits and clarity, and that’s what I think these quotes stand for and are trying to get at. I took the photographs myself and designed each layout. Everyone can use a little inspiration so enjoy!


Surreal photography

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These photo creations are images that I manipulated using Photoshop. This type of photography is categorized as surreal because the goal is to create an image that is impossible in real life, however the image looks so true that our eyes believe it anyways. So far this has definitely been the hardest type of photography that I have experienced. It’s not so much about the actual photos but more about the editing and the processing of the images. For me, that was hard to master. It’s very difficult to make surreal photos look real. Surreal photography requires a very creative process, which I enjoyed, but making the photos turn out as well as you envisioned them is another challenge entirely.

Portrait gallery

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This is a small collection of a few of the portraits I have taken of various friends. Every person has a story to tell, and what I love about portraits is, that one picture can tell a whole lot about a person if it is taken right. Portraits are very intimate and revealing and I think they’re fascinating to look at and to take. A really good portrait evokes emotion from its viewers and when looking at it, it’s almost as if you know the person who is featured.

Night photography gallery

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Night photography is the hardest kind of photography in my opinion, but I had a lot of fun with some of these photos- as you can probably tell. Light in night photography provides many chances for experimentation, and I took advantage of that and manipulated my light sources to create interesting and even shocking images that couldn’t have been done if they were taken in the daylight. I personally love street photography, so I incorporated some of that into these night photos as well. Which one is your favorite?

My street photography gallery

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