Elon Logos

Here are 3 different logos that I created for my school using Photoshop. I tend to like a lot of negative space in my designs and simple and clean is what I typically gravitate towards when it comes to logos. The theme of our 2013 winter term experience is diversity so that is why I included a globe in both of my winter term designs. My school of communications logo is very simple, but I like my use of color and negative space.

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These are a few blog headers I created using Photoshop. With each one I was going for a different look but at the same time still keeping a colorful and fun vibe, which is a big part of my personality. I love experimenting with fonts and color and making photographs look like paintings. On the second blog header I made my name by creating individual line segments and arranging them very specifically. The last header is probably my favorite- the signature-looking font adds a lot.

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Andy Warhol mimic

┬áThis is a self-portrait that I messed with on Photoshop in order to produce an Andy Warhol vibe. Andy Warhol has a very specific look to his art and it is easily recognizable and often mimicked. I thought I would give imitation a try and what better artist to imitate than Andy Warhol himself? He’s distinctive enough with his bold colors and unmistakable faces, and he is also highly admired. It was fun to play around on Photoshop and see what I could come up with. So this is me, Andy Warholified.

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