Broadcast news story – Maureen Dowd speaker


According to Maureen Dowd, who spoke at Elon University last night, our country has daddy issues.

Dowd, a Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times columnist, said in her exact words, quote, presidential campaigns have an underlying paternal theme, end quote. Dowd went on to talk about how someone’s quote, daddy, is always looming over the nation and how the American people want someone to protect them.

Dowd is known for her witty and insightful portraits of powerful figures, and last night she highlighted Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. By referencing figures in pop culture, she spoke about how that father son relationship affects our society and our leaders.

When it comes to scrutinizing political figures, like Dowd does for a living, Dowd told her audience, quote, every president gets the psychoanalyst he deserves. It has to be done for the good of the country. 


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