A flare for fashion

Meet my friend Alison! She has her own fashion blog called The Flare and she’s a wonderful person with a fabulous sense of style. I had a lot of fun shooting this short profile of her and it taught me a lot about not only video techniques and editing but also about the world of fashion!


A little inspiration

I have always really loved quotes and for years whenever I see a good one, I write it down. I have a notebook filled with inspirational quotes on every subject imaginable, I have quote books, and I also have quotes written down on my phone by the dozens. To me quotes are very special because they express exactly how you’re feeling and say exactly what you want to say, but in the most perfect way possible. You may not have the words, but someone else before you did.

I decided to put together this gallery of some of my favorite inspirational quotes, and as a background I saw it fitting to put different pictures of the sky. The sky represents no limits and clarity, and that’s what I think these quotes stand for and are trying to get at. I took the photographs myself and designed each layout. Everyone can use a little inspiration so enjoy!

Cupcake- a stop motion

This is my first stop motion video and I really enjoyed creating it. Photography is one of my favorite expression outlets, and this stop motion technique allows for the best of both worlds when it comes to combining photography into a video format. I especially like the control that stop motion provides and how a separate audio track is added later. I enjoy baking and so I thought documenting the process of baking cupcakes would be a fun topic that others can relate to. The personified objects is my favorite part because it looks as if the cupcakes are baking themselves.