Stop motion- it’s T-shirt time

Check out this awesome stop motion video that has reached 8,673,937 hits so far on YouTube. Think about how much time and effort went into creating this. I watch it and it just blows my mind! All the preparation and patience and precision that making this video must have required is incredible in my opinion. This is the best example of stop motion video that I have seen so far- not that I’m a master at finding great stop motion videos or anything.

I have an assignment for  a class to create a stop motion video and although it will not be up to par with this one, I now have a better idea of how to make one. This is such a creative idea and it’s entertaining and thoughtful and it’s excellently captured as well. Similar to T-shirt War, I want to use a compilation of photographs to create a video “flip-book” you could say. Enjoy T-shirt War and maybe you’ll find yourself being inspired as well!


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