The other day I was checking out, and I came across an inspiring page ( 8-rules-awesome-videos-and-inspiration-galore ) about creativity and motivation. It featured 10 different videos that are meant to motivate creators and get those creative juices flowing. A lot of these videos reminded me of what one of my college professors always tells my class. He says that although the creative process is grueling and troubling and often extremely frustrating, it is necessary. Without that self-doubt and aggravation, nothing great would ever emerge. All you have to do is get past that point; past that point of being so close to giving up that you almost do. Everyone is capable of being creative- you just have to find it within yourself.

My favorite video featured on this page is by Daniel Pink and it is called “The Surprising Truth about What Motivates Us.” Pink explains to us an experiment that was done which reveals that there comes a point when money or other rewards do not motivate us anymore. Instead, what motives us is purpose. Humans have a desire to make a difference in the world and a lot of times we’re simply motivated by those means alone. Pink’s story is done very creatively with illustrations, and it’s something that you should check out.


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