Health on a biscuit

Fast, cheap, greasy food is something that this country certainly does not lack. In fact, the number of fast-food restaurants in the country now exceeds a whopping 280,000 ( Taking a look around at my new university surroundings here in the Burlington area of North Carolina, I have seen more fast food chains concentrated in one area than I have ever seen before. It makes sense, I live in a college town and fast food is quick, simple, cheap, and delicious. Healthy, however, it is not, but I want to change that.

I was given the opportunity to change the health status of fast fast products in a small way just last week through a contest in which my DMC class took part in. This contest is through Biscuitville- a popular breakfast and lunch restaurant located in North Carolina and Virginia. If you haven’t guessed already, they’re claim to fame is the biscuit. This particular contest was titled “Brand your Biscuit,” and the idea was to submit an original biscuit idea to Biscuitville, and I just knew that I had to create a biscuit like no Biscuitville (or fast food restaurant for that matter) has ever seen before. I decided to create (gasp) a healthy biscuit.

My biscuit is called The Cali Classic, and it consists of a classic flaky Biscuitville biscuit in the form of a sandwich including fresh avocados, tomatoes, and melted provolone organic cheese. My whole idea was to bring together tradition and flair into this one of a kind biscuit creation perfect for vegetarians or simply just health conscious people.

The Cali Classic is a very unique product that will appeal to many tastes and will reach a different type of consumer than most of the current Biscuitville products. It’s essentially introducing a whole new concept into the restaurant and therefore into the lives of Biscuitville’s customers.

Everyone wants to be healthy, but most people would prefer to do it at their own convenience and in an easy way that’s as cost effective as possible. I took this Biscuitville opportunity to help people with this lifestyle choice in the form of The Cali Classic.

At my university I constantly hear students voicing opinions about our food services offering more healthy options and vegetarian alternatives. That proves to me that young people care about their health and they have the desire to consume healthy products that make them feel good about themselves and the choice that they’re making. People want to eat healthy tasty food and The Cali Classic, is fresh, organic, and simple, yet still has the familiarity of a classic Biscuitville biscuit.

I’m not sure yet how The Cali Classic has fared in this contest, but my fingers are crossed for this healthy option. Biscuitville has the opportunity to start a trend- a health food trend among fast food restaurants. We could just have a revolution on our hands.

Take a look at the video I have posted here to see how easy healthy eating really can be- you can even try making your own Cali Classic at home! 


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