Gleek Out

Most TV watchers are familiar with the term “Gleek.” A Gleek refers to anyone who is obsessed with the television show Glee. It is a clever combination of the words “glee” and “geek,” implying that the person is a “Glee Geek,” similar to calling someone who loves Star Trek a “Trekkie.” Glee appeared on the entertainment scene in 2009 airing on Fox, and it exploded practically overnight into a phenomenon capturing audiences of all demographics. Gleeks everywhere are able to relate to Glee due to its colorful culture and the wide range of topics that it explores. Although ratings have slightly dropped during season 3 this year, Gleeks remain loyal and Glee has stayed true to being a truly one of a kind show that’s not afraid to push limits.

I was never a big fan of Glee until season 3. I watched a couple season 2 episodes but never had time to fully dedicate myself until I learned of Glee being on Hulu. I am currently in college and do not have a TV in my dorm room so therefore, I rely heavily on to satisfy my TV cravings. Although the newest episodes are not available until a week after they have already aired, I find Hulu to be a great way to access TV shows, Glee included. Hulu is convenient, free, and there aren’t many commercials. I look forward to sitting down and watching Glee every week whenever I get a chance, and Hulu lets me accomplish this.

Glee is definitely a trendsetting show. It incorporates singing, dancing, humor, and real teen as well as adult issues all into one hour long time slot. It’s a drama but also a comedy all packaged by outrageously talented singers. And who can forget the shows witty dialogue and rememberable characters who you can’t help but to feel for. Glee pushes boundaries by not hesitating to discuss issues such as teen pregnancy, homosexuality, bullying, alcohol, death, and even teen marriage. Glee has been on the cutting edge for a long time and I believe that it always will be. Although I would not consider myself a full-fledged Gleek, I do enjoy a good slushy in the face accompanied by some strong vocals on a regular basis.

Check out Glee on Fox every Tuesday 8/7 Central and don’t forget to download songs from each week’s episode on itunes!


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