A “Touchy” Topic

In this video, photoshop is examined on a more personal level by taking an average girl and showing the process that she, as well as her image, go through in order to pertain that “perfect-magazine look.” In agreement with the video, I don’t think that the public truly understands just how often photoshop is used and to what extent it is relied on within the industry. I was surprised to learn that celebrities have their own personal image retoucher and every single released photo of them goes through their retoucher first. They end up looking impossibly perfect, which does no one any favors except possibly their own image.

These practices only add to young girls’ low self-esteem and distorted self-image. I understand why retouching is done, but like many others I do not at all approve of the effects that it is responsible for. As far as I see it, there needs to be some sort of compromise made between the industry and the public. I’m not quite sure what this agreement would entitle though. It is in fact a touchy topic that unfortunately has a tendency to remain taboo most of the time.


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